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What is Better? Milwaukee or DeWalt Multi Tool?

This is a quick and dirty tool review discussing MY thoughts on the two oscillating tools I own from the to big tool brands everyone always asks me about. By no means does this mean one of these two are the best…just the most popular it seems based on peoples feedback.

Feel free to give me your opinion in the comments or recommend the next toolsday tools to talk about….but don’t make it about red vs yellow.

I don’t want to over complicate these “tool reviews” so by making them quick and to the point, I hope I help someone answer any questions they might have. These are only my opinion and you are able to develop your own if you’ve used both. Most tools these days don’t come down to performance in my opinion, rather ergonomics and what the rest of your tool collection looks like.

Milwaukee m18 Fuel Oscillating tool

Dewalt Oscillating (updated 3 – speed…Same thing basically)

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