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Dremel CKDR-01 Three-Tool Combo Kit (2)

Dremel CKDR-01 Three-Tool Combo Kit

Dremel CKDR-01 Three-Tool Combo Kit is one-of-a-kind experience to the amateur carpenter or a do-it-yourselfer. This kit is able to give you the power to remodel, repair, sand, cut and more. It has three tools included in the kit, the Multi-Max oscillating tool, the 300-series variable-speed rotary tool and the Trio tool. Combination of the tools will give you the ability to multitask through a variety of projects that you have in the garage, shop or home. The product has a storage bag and at least 25 usable accessories.
This is a 300-series tool that is designed for rotary beginners and do-it-yourselfers. The tool gives you a wide range of household projects or repair capabilities. The tool can drill, cut, sand, polish and grind stuff. This is one versatile and flexible tool which is a very hand piece of hardware around the garage or shop.
This tool has can operate in the range of 5,000 to 35,000 revolutions per minute. The choice of speed allows you to customize it according to what you are doing. The power adjuster which features a click-and-set adjuster will give you the ability to set the precise speed for your need. This ensures a great and smooth performance of the tool. The compact design allows you to grasp the tool with a single hand. This tool weighs around 18 ounces. The light weight is ideal to reduce the strain on the hand when operating the tool. It has a very long cord which is ideal to take the tool closer to the action.
The Multi-Max redefines what multitasking is all about. It brings multitasking to a whole new level. This is the tool that will be a buzzword for both professionals and amateurs alike. The tool gives you the flexibility to do a wider range of tasks such as remodeling, restoration and repairs. The high-precision performance, optimal control and safety make this a good tool with minimal dust production which is ideal for better workstation control. The tool’s design is ideal to handle for long periods of time as it is best to do jobs in narrow nooks.
The Trio is what you need if you are using plastic, wood, or metal. It is also good for drywall or wall tile. The design of the tool was inspired by the principles of ergonomics. Its innovative 360-degree cutting bits allow the user to cut the material in any direction desired. This results in smoother edges that need no further sanding. You save less time because you have less time to sand your projects. The variable speed gives you the specific speed that you need for your job.
However, a great experience with this tool should have some considerations in order to set proper expectations. The storage bag that comes in the product does not allow separating the tools. There are no separate compartments that will keep the tools apart. You may need to have a storage box in order to keep the tools from each other. The plastic bag that comes with the kit does not give much use in storing the tools.
The price is good but there has to be some sacrifices. One of the things that kept the price down is the rotary tool would just halt. It will be a frustrating time to have some loose contacts while you are working on something.
Who would want this? The occasional remodeler and the amateur carpenter which can have top notch performance from affordable tools for the home and the garage.