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Best Battery Lawn Mower? EGO vs Milwaukee, ECHO, Ryobi, Toro, Greenworks, CAT, Hart

Looking for the best electric lawn mower to buy in 2023? This video will be your ultimate guide to the best battery powered lawn mower for your needs.

We tested 9 of the best flagship lawn mowers from major brands, and we compared them all in this video. We give you the insider info on cut quality, build quality, runtime, power, price, and special features, which all play a huge part in the purchasing decision.

0:00 Best Battery Powered Lawn Mower
0:19 EGO Select Cut XP LM2160SP
1:04 Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2823-22
1:52 Greenworks 60V M060L427
2:29 ECHO 56V EForce DLM-2100SP
3:17 Ryobi All Wheel Drive RY401210
3:48 TORO 60V Stripe 21623
4:17 CAT DG671
4:49 WORX Nitro WG761
5:31 Hart 40V Supercharge HLPM061US
5:59 How We Tested & What To Look For
7:36 Charts & Data
9:15 Best Residential Electric Lawn Mower
9:52 Best Commercial Battery Powered Lawn Mower